Selecting the perfect stroller for your baby can be overwhelming. As a new parent, you are faced with numerous decisions, from choosing a name to selecting nursery colors, and curating your baby registry. However, deciding on a stroller is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration, given the significant investment involved. With so many options available, from all-terrain joggers to lightweight models, it's understandable to feel overwhelmed. But fear not, we are here to help simplify the process and assist you in finding the best stroller for your family.

Here is what you know for sure: a stroller is a must-have for life on the go with your baby. But to narrow down your options, you’ll need to ask yourself a few key questions, like:

  • Where are you going to use it most?
  • Where are you going to store it?
  • How many children will be using it?
  • What features matter to you?
  • What is your budget?

    A basic lightweight stroller that’s easy to fold and steer with one hand (this is important – parents rarely have two free hands!) makes travel and storage easy. (That’s why most parents will inevitably purchase a lightweight travel stroller as a secondary option.) When considering a double stroller, it is important to take into account the intended usage, such as strolling to the park or running errands, as this can impact the decision between a tandem model with one child seated behind the other or a side-by-side seating configuration. Tandems are often favored for their maneuverability in stores, while side-by-side models offer equal seating for both children. It is important to carefully consider the features and benefits of each type before making a decision.

    Travel Systems: A Stroller + Car Seat Combo

    If you don't have an infant car seat yet, a travel system may solve two problems at once.  A travel system includes an infant car seat, base, and a stroller—all in one convenient package! 

    Infant car seats are purposefully crafted to accommodate infants weighing between 4 to 35 pounds. These car seats are intended to be utilized in the rear-facing position when installed in the vehicle. Furthermore, these seats can be effortlessly removed from their base (which is kept in the car) and installed onto a stroller for outdoor adventures. Additionally, owing to their lightweight design, these car seats enable the effortless transportation of infants from one location to another without causing any disturbance.

    When selecting a travel system stroller, it is important to consider the varying features available. For optimal functionality, it is recommended to opt for a stroller that offers ample storage space, as well as a quick and easy compact fold for seamless transportation. In addition, strollers with large cruiser tires can provide smoother rides on different terrains. Moreover, it is crucial to prioritize the comfort of both the parent and the baby by selecting a stroller with adequate padding and adjustable reclining options. By taking these factors into account, parents can make an informed decision when choosing a travel system stroller that best suits their needs.

    Everyday Full-Sized Strollers

    For parents who have outgrown the infant car seat phase, it is recommended to invest in a standalone stroller that is suitable for the toddler years. Modular strollers are a popular option, as they offer a wide range of configurations and conveniences, such as sippy cup holders, to make on-the-go life easier. Mom Squad provides an array of strolling options that cater to different price points, including strollers with rider boards, modular strollers with numerous configurations, and single-to-double strollers that can adapt as your family grows. By exploring these options, parents can choose a stroller that meets their specific needs and provides long-lasting utility.

    Single-to-Double Travel Systems and Strollers

    A convertible stroller is an ideal solution for families with growing children. From the newborn stage to well into the toddler years, single-to-double travel systems and strollers are designed to adapt to evolving family needs over time. By attaching a second stroller seat, infant car seat, or bassinet, a single stroller can transform into a ride for two. Moreover, convertible strollers typically offer multiple seat configurations, enabling children to face their parents, the world, or even each other. With the aim of keeping two children content simultaneously, convertible strollers are crafted with thoughtful design elements. For further versatility, parents can add an attachment for an extra passenger, providing a quick and convenient way for their child to hop on and off the stroller when needed.

    Travel Strollers

    While convertible strollers are suitable for daily use, it is prudent to consider investing in a small, lightweight stroller that is ideal for travel or quick excursions. Specifically, a travel stroller is essential when flying, as it can be brought to the gate with you due to its folding mechanism. It is recommended to purchase a stroller travel or gate check bag, unless the stroller is approved as cabin baggage. When choosing a travel stroller, it is recommended to select a lightweight model that is easy to collapse and features ample storage space. By considering these factors, parents can find a travel stroller that is both functional and convenient for their needs.

    The Diono Traverze Lightweight Stroller, from the Mom Squad collection, boasts a compact folding mechanism that is both efficient and convenient for outings and day trips. Its quick and user-friendly fold allows it to fit into smaller spaces, rendering it an excellent choice for parents on-the-go. The stroller's automatic folding operation can be activated with just one hand, and a carry handle is included for easy lifting and transportation when the stroller is folded. With these features, the Diono Traverze Lightweight Stroller offers a practical and hassle-free solution for parents seeking a high-quality stroller that is both versatile and efficient.